Fee schedule - The Key to Your Energy

Who I am

I’m Suzanne Rothe, a practitioner of polarity therapy and Energy System RestructuringTM. I use these techniques to ease strain on the body’s organic systems and to repair metaphysical injury to the body’s subtle energy system. As a workshop instructor, I help people understand the dynamics of human energy so they can move through the world with greater freedom.

What brought me to energy work?

As a child I felt an intense, personal connection to the loving universal energy field. As happens to many, my transition through the teen years and onto adulthood was marked by emotional pain and a struggle with darkness. In my mid-twenties, the first of several helpers pointed me toward the path of personal freedom. The first rocky steps involved taking responsibility, then learning a new way to look at the world—through the lens of human energy dynamics. As I learned about these dynamics, I explored energy healing techniques as a way to reconnect to the parts of myself I had set aside through trauma and pain.

And today...

Today I use the techniques that I learned on my healing path to keep growing, stretching and learning. My life’s calling is to share these techniques with others and to be a helping hand on their road to wholeness and well-being. I believe in the healing power of understanding human energetics and of experiencing that healing power through energy therapy.

I thank my teachers and Guides for giving me the key to my own personal freedom.