Fee schedule - The Key to Your Energy

What Clients Say

"Suzanne provided me with one of the greatest gifts ever... and that was the gift of experiencing Earth energy. I’m now able to feel my body anchored to the Earth when I meditate, which has finally given me the opportunity to experience feeling safe in my body and on my Earth journey. I am forever grateful."

RZ (energy therapy)

"The Harmonic Healing I received was incredibly powerful. It supported me with some very deep healing work I needed and was the catalyst to some internal breakthroughs that have changed how I show up for myself. Suzanne is incredibly skilled and the precision of her work is mind-blowing."

JW (energy therapy)

"For whoever feels unfocused and lost, this type of therapy is beneficial. It helps you become a more balanced individual. It has helped me with my energy levels and to become a stronger person."

D.J. (energy therapy and restructuring)

"I noticed that, since the treatment, my mood has been much more stable. I am more introspective, and I understand myself better. My partner has also noticed the difference. He says the storm is over! Thank you."

J.B. (energy therapy)

"Suzanne is an extraordinary practitioner, and energy therapy is an invaluable tool for healing, so gentle yet so fundamental, impacting the balance of all our systems. Having myself suffered from serious health problems and been in highly vulnerable conditions, including cancer, on every occasion I have benefited from her good care."

C.G. (energy therapy and restructuring)

What Clients Say - The Key to Your Energy