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Energy System RestructuringTM

An Energy System RestructuringTM (ESR) is a process in which the strengths and qualities that belong to you, as an individual, are re-connected to their rightful place within you by the practitioner at a metaphysical level.

Why would these strengths and qualities be disconnected in the first place?

In the process of growing up and learning about the world, we unconsciously displace parts of ourselves in an effort to feel safe or to avoid being hurt or experiencing similar situations again. Accidents, psychological trauma or other identity-shaping events can also cause this separation through blunt physical or energy/psychological force.

Unfortunately, these traumas or unconscious decisions have life-changing effects on an energy level: they can throw us off track from our Divine Mission and set up roadblocks that prevent us from actualizing our true desires.

How can these parts be re-connected?

A qualified ESR practitioner uses a millennial process to clean your energy structure, circuits and chakras (major and minor) and to reconnect the many subtle layers of your energy system into their proper place.

What would this mean for my current medical treatment or other therapy?

ESR is complementary to any other conventional medical or psychological treatment you may be undergoing and does not replace them.


How do I know an ESR would be helpful to me?

An energy restructuring will help you move on with your life if any of the following apply:

  • You feel like you are stuck.
  • You feel like something is missing from your life.
  • You’ve made every effort to achieve something, but just can’t make it happen (e.g., finding a mate, breaking through in a profession or field, making ends meet, etc.).
  • You feel like you are disconnected from parts of yourself (your sexuality, creativity, spirituality, etc.).
  • You just can’t get over a specific event.
  • You’ve experienced an accident or psychological trauma of some kind.
  • You’ve undergone, or are considering, a major transition (change in long-term relationship, change of career, dealing with a major issue from your past).
  • You’ve received chemotherapy.
  • You’ve given birth to a child.
  • You’ve dabbled in the occult or paranormal.
  • You’ve heard of this process and are drawn to it.

How will an Energy System RestructuringTM affect me?

Every person is unique, just as every snowflake is one of a kind.

While specific outcomes are unique to each individual, experience has shown that you will simply become more of Who You Are, with fuller access to your strengths and qualities. You will be better equipped to face the challenges that life brings you so that you can move on. You’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin and be able to move forward in areas that used to challenge you. Experiences and concepts that were beyond your understanding may now open up to you.