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Harmonic Healing

When you choose Harmonic Healing, you’re accessing multidimensional, quantum healing that will bring you the gifts of your Higher Self and a cellular remembrance of wholeness.

(I also offer Elemental HealingTM and Energy System RestructuringTM).

What does a Harmonic Healing session look like?

You can receive a Harmonic Healing session in person or at a distance.

During a session, you’ll lie on a massage table with cushions to support your body. (If you’re receiving a distance session, get comfortable on a bed or a couch - even a lounge chair if you prefer!)

What does a Harmonic Healing session FEEL like?

You can expect that your own experience of Harmonic Healing will be unique.


Most people find Harmonic Healing deeply relaxing. You may remain aware throughout, or you may drift in and out of awareness. Some people experience what feels to them like a form of light or deep sleep.

Body sensations

Sensations are often part of the Harmonic Healing experience. You may feel soft currents, stronger surges, billows and bubbles. Sometimes there is a sensation of increasing pressure in an area of your body until the block releases and energy flows more naturally. Sensations vary from person to person.

After the session

Many clients report feeling deeply peaceful after a session, with a general sense of well-being. Others feel relief from the physical discomfort they felt when they arrived. You may be among those who come away with deeper insights that support you on your healing journey or your life’s path.

How can Harmonic Healing help me?

You can receive Harmonic Healing to:

  • support you in your emotional and energetic challenges (anger, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • progress on your spiritual journey

This approach is complementary to conventional medicine or to psychological therapy, as it helps clear out old or stagnant energy or blockages and gently stimulates the natural self-healing ability of your body and mind. However, it is not meant as a substitute for medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

A Harmonic Healing session can be received on occasion, when you need a “special something” to move you beyond your current paradigm. It’s not an everyday energy therapy modality, and is best chosen when you feel called to look beyond your regular healing modality.

How much does a Harmonic Healing session cost?

Consult our Fee Schedule.