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Energy Therapy

Energy therapy is a direct way to access your body’s innate healing ability and the regenerative energy of the universal energy field, or the Divine. I practice polarity therapy, an energy modality developed in the 1940s by Randolph Stone, an American osteopath, chiropractor and naturopath who travelled the world to study traditional medicine across many cultures.

(I also offer Energy System RestructuringTM and Harmonization.)

What is polarity therapy?

Polarity practitioners work directly with the physical, organic and energy systems of the body to free up blockages. This mainly involves physical touch (joints, organs and bones) but certain protocols do involve a degree of work in your energy field.

In polarity therapy, we also work with the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, which you may be familiar with through Ayurveda, acupuncture or other Eastern health modalities.

What does a polarity session look like?

During a polarity session, you lie on a comfortable massage table with cushions to support your body. The room is heated to a comfortable temperature, as a polarity session is best received without your outer layer of clothing. This enables the practitioner to see your unique skeletal structure and joints, since polarity protocols work with multiple anatomical points on the body to clear, activate and move subtle energy.

What does a polarity session FEEL like?

You can expect that your own experience of polarity therapy will be unique.


Most people find polarity therapy deeply relaxing. You may remain aware throughout, or you may drift in and out of awareness. Some people experience what feels to them like a form of deep sleep.

Body sensations

Sensations are often part of the polarity experience. You may feel soft currents, stronger surges, billows and bubbles. Sometimes there is a sensation of increasing pressure in an area of your body until the block releases and energy flows more naturally. A polarity session for the digestive system may activate movement in your bowels, for example. Sensations vary from person to person.

After the session

Many clients report feeling deeply peaceful after a session, with a general sense of well-being. Others feel relief from the physical discomfort they felt when they arrived. You may be among those who come away with deeper insights that support you on your healing journey or your life’s path.

How can polarity therapy help me?

There are specific polarity protocols for many of our body’s organs, including your bladder, liver, colon, reproductive organs and kidneys. Combined protocols may treat several organs in one session or focus on your energy system as a whole. You can use polarity therapy on its own to help you:

  • engage the relaxation response as an antidote to stress
  • manage the symptoms of a chronic, diagnosed condition for which you are receiving medical treatment, or
  • progress on your spiritual journey

It is complementary to conventional medicine or to psychological therapy, as it helps clear out old or stagnant energy or blockages and gently stimulates the natural healing ability of your body and mind.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on the results you’re looking for.

Occasional sessions

A polarity session once in a while is wonderful to keep you feeling in tip-top shape. It is especially effective in the spring or fall to help you transition with the seasons, a time when many of us feel out of sorts and physically or energetically imbalanced. You can also book a session when you need a boost at a stressful or tiring time, or whenever you’re feeling “off” or not right.

Targeted sessions

Alternatively, if you are recovering from illness or burnout, you may benefit most from a series of weekly or bi-weekly session, eventually spacing them out as your health stabilizes. Of course, occasional “touch-up” sessions will then keep you feeling your best!

How much does a polarity session cost?

Consult our Fee Schedule.